Friday, November 12, 2010

We are Very Busy

Sheesh. This stuff is a lot of work but we are making progress. One big piece of news is that we have pretty much finished the storage area. It'll need a few more coats of varnish but we're going to just store stuff in it for now. Here's a slide show that totally fails to communicate what a monumental pain in the butt this whole project was:

In other news we have the masts off the boat right now (pictures later). Christine's brother Will came down and helped us out with stripping the hardware and old varnish. Then our friend Disun came down from Moss Landing.  He was down for about five days and did an awesome job of helping us prep the masts for a couple coats of epoxy and the first coat of Awlbrite (a fancy extra durable three part varnish). We found a great welder ( and he's working on new spreader tangs, masthead fitting repairs, and a mount for our wind generator. He's also going to come out to the boat and extend some of our stainless rails so we can mount our solar panels. We've also got several dozen small projects going on as well but that's about all I can bring myself to type at this point.

We're still planning to get out of here by the end of the month. Sheesh.