Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moved out

Total strangers picking through our
possessions and offering us pennies
on the dollar.
We are now officially moved out of our apartment.  That's good news.  The bad news is that even after a yard sale and 3 car loads of crap going to the thrift store, we still have too much stuff.  We've managed to fill a 5' x 5' storage unit and a smaller storage unit in the marina.  A lot of that stuff is scheduled to be hauled up to Port Angeles for storage next month by my Dad.

So, in addition to all the projects we need to work on, it looks like we'll need to spend some time sorting, organizing, and divesting.  ...either that or we're going to need a bigger boat.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Departure Schedule

A lot of people have been asking us about our schedule for departure so I thought I'd post it here.  We are currently in the (rather painful) process of moving out of our apartment in Santa Barbara and onto the boat (in Ventura).  This means having a yard sale (last weekend), taking some stuff to goodwill, taking other stuff to the dump, and taking other stuff down to the boat and to a storage unit we've rented in Ventura.  We will be completely out of the apartment by the end of this month.  Then we have two weeks of commuting from Ventura to Santa Barbara.  Our last day of work is October 15th.  After that we'll be working on the boat full time until it's ready to go.  We're estimating that all this work will take us about a month so our tentative departure date is somewhere around November 15th.

For anyone that would like to visit us before we leave, I think the ideal time would be around the second week of November or a few days earlier.  Hopefully by that point we'll have most of the serious work done and we'll be doing a bit of sailing to test everything out.

To help keep all these dates straight, I've embedded a calendar in this blog.  Check out the "Calendar" tab near the top of the page.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Progress on Doors for the Storage Area

One of the things that Architeuthis needs more of before we leave is storage.  Some of the Mariner 31s came with storage built into the port side area but ours wasn't one of them.  I'm going to build a storage area there and I'd like it to look somewhat original.  The interior woodworking on Architeuthis is beautiful.  That's good because it's nice to look at but it's bad because I have to live up to some pretty high standards when it comes to modifying things.  If Architeuthis was a Hunter (modern mass produced sailboat), I could just slap something together out of cheap pressboard and woodgrained vernier and it would fit right in but that sort of construction would be a slap in the face to the carpenters that built Architeuthis back in 1968.

I'm a novice at this whole carpentry thing so I'm not sure I'm really going to live up to the standards those guys set but at least I'm going to try.  I went to Woodcraft in Ventura and bought a bunch of African mahogany because that's what the rest of the interior is made of.  It's not cheap.  I looked at photos of the storage areas in other Mariners that were blessed with them and drew up plans for doors that would look similar when finished and were sized so that they would fit into my overall plan.  That first photo up there is the mahogany I came home with before I started chopping it up with my bottom of the line Craftsman table saw.  After learning to use my new dado blade, I ended up with what you see to the left.  I actually managed to make some tongue and groove joints and things were more or less fitting together.

I could have pretty much stopped right there and glued those pieces together but all of the interior doors and hatches have fancy little decorative bevels.  The original bevels were probably done with a router but I don't have the appropriate router blade and I don't have a router table so I had to go old school and use a rasp.

Once that was all done (and that takes a while), I cut some tiny little rectangles of mahogany to glue into the grove and force all the slats to be evenly spaced.  Then, this evening, I put down a drop cloth and glued the whole door together while sitting on the floor of our very small apartment.  It turns out that one of the sad ironies of this whole saving money to go on a long boat trip thing is that you really really want to have a nice garage / workshop to do all the work that you need to do to prepare but, because you're trying to save money, you can't have one.  So I end up with a table saw in my driveway and tools strewn all over our super small apartment.  ...but I digress.  So anyway, it's all glued together now and it looks like it could turn out to be a pretty nice door.  Now I just need to build another one just like it and, of course, build the cabinet deal that the door will attach to.  I kind of enjoy doing this kind of stuff but it takes a long time.  I sort of envy people with more industrial looking boats.  It's a lot less time consuming to build function when you can ignore form.

I'm trying to build something that won't look out of place on this boat.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The big boat trip from California to New Zealand didn't happen quite as quick as we thought it would but it looks like it's going to happen soon so it's time to get the blog going.  I have repurposed my old neglected blog and even given it the domain.  As a super brief update since my last posting over two years ago, Christine and I moved down to Santa Barbara, got married last October, and have been preparing ourselves and our boat for the trip.  We are going to quit our jobs on October 15th (just before our one year anniversary), work on the boat full time for around a month or so, and then head south.  We're going to head down to the Puerto Vallarta area and hang out in that region for a while.  Then we'll decide whether we want to head down to Costa Rica and Panama before heading to the Marquesas or just leave from mainland Mexico.  After that, the plans get even less definite.  We just know we want to see a lot of nice tropical islands and make it to New Zealand before the stormy season starts in October 2011.

Here's a picture of Architeuthis' refurbished transom with her new name: