Thursday, September 09, 2010

The big boat trip from California to New Zealand didn't happen quite as quick as we thought it would but it looks like it's going to happen soon so it's time to get the blog going.  I have repurposed my old neglected blog and even given it the domain.  As a super brief update since my last posting over two years ago, Christine and I moved down to Santa Barbara, got married last October, and have been preparing ourselves and our boat for the trip.  We are going to quit our jobs on October 15th (just before our one year anniversary), work on the boat full time for around a month or so, and then head south.  We're going to head down to the Puerto Vallarta area and hang out in that region for a while.  Then we'll decide whether we want to head down to Costa Rica and Panama before heading to the Marquesas or just leave from mainland Mexico.  After that, the plans get even less definite.  We just know we want to see a lot of nice tropical islands and make it to New Zealand before the stormy season starts in October 2011.

Here's a picture of Architeuthis' refurbished transom with her new name:

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