Saturday, December 25, 2010

Look at the Map!

I just spent quite a bit of time updating the map with our current location and our path down here.  If you click on the map tab at the top of the page, you can also see most of the photos from the trip placed in there approximate (or sometimes exact) location on the map.  Anyway, the map is pretty fancy so you should look at it.


Anonymous said...


What map? Perhaps the salty air has messed with my brain but I see no map. Regardless, glad to hear that you are making good time. Would you like me to email you the two photos I took of you and your boat as you were leaving?

Robert and Mary,
Free Spirit

Bob Miller said...

Hi guys,
The map is pretty cool. Good work! Love the pics.
Bob Miller

jkibele said...

Hi Robert and Mary,

We would love to see the photos you took. You can email them to us (our email addresses are on the card we gave Mary). To see the map, you need to click the tab that says "Map" near the top of the page. Internet explorer seems to be having some issues with the google earth plugin so I would suggest using Firefox, or Chrome, or Safari if possible.

Thanks for taking the pictures and say hi to Ventura for us,

-Jared and Christine