Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's and a Move from La Cruz to Punta Mita

We spent New Year's Eve hanging out with our new friends Kevin and Gio on Kevin's boat, Tuatara.  They are in there twenties and, like us, cruising on a budget.  Tuatara is a really cool but rather spartan Ingrid 38.  I'd guess that Tuatara and Architeuthis would be worth about the same amount if they were for sale right now.  Architeuthis is quite a bit smaller and, arguably, not quite as stoutly built but has a lot fancier electronics and other systems and equipment.  It was cool to see what might have been and I'm still not sure which is the better strategy.  More importantly, we had a good time watching the fireworks from Tuatara and hanging out with those guys.  It was nice to get a break from the typical cruiser scene and spend time with people a little closer to our demographic.

In the morning we picked up the anchor and sailed out to the anchorage at Punta Mita to spend some time closer to the surf.  We saw a bunch of whales, dolphins, and sea birds again.  I keep hoping the whales will do their jumping out of the water stunts close enough that I can get some good pictures with my not-so-telephoto lens but no luck so far.  Other than waiting for that, we're getting so acclimated to humpback whales that we don't even pay that much attention to them any more.  "Hey Christine, there's another whale over there."  "Whatever."  Okay, we're still not that jaded but we're getting close.

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