Sunday, August 06, 2006

I found a new favorite dive site today. It may actually be my favorite dive site ever. It's much nicer than the site on the east side of the island that I've been talking about. This site is on the west side of the island near a chanel through the barrier reef. It's a wall that's around 50 feet or so high. The water was very clear and there were fish everywhere. The coral formations were very cool with lots of little tunnels everywhere. It was kind of a shame that we were on a mission to find clownfish. I really wanted to just go slowly and really look at things. There were a lot of anemones but surprisingly, we only found two clownfish. We caught them and clipped them fairly easily though so I still had a bit of time to use the camera but the photos don't really do the place justice. We were kind of expecting to see a shark or two out there but we didn't. There was an eagle ray but I couldn't get close enough to get a good photo. The photos that came out alright are in the usual place.

There was another party at Gump yesterday so Marina, Jeremie, Donatien and I all went over there. It was actually at the director of the station's house up the hill from Gump. It was a really nice place with hardly any mosquitos. A good time was had by all. I met a guy named Sea who's working on invertebrate collections for the Moorea biocode project and I got to talk about cephalopods for a while. That, of course, made me happy. I'm going go over to Gump, possibly tomorrow, and see the photos they've gotten of a cute little pigmy octopus that they've found here. I think I may also work on setting up a light trap. That's a gizmo that you put out at night that attracts and traps all sorts of planktonic larvae including tiny little baby octopuses.

It's really really late right now so I'm going to stop now. We won't be diving tomorrow. One of the boats has broken so ours is going to be borrowed for another project. Todd will be here in the morning so at least it will be an entertaining day.

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