Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Not too much to report today. Yesterday was more diving in strong current with super genius clownfish who refuse to be caught. We got four but that was it. Marina had just shown up so she went out there with us be didn't dive.

Today, I felt like crap so Jeremie and Marina went back to the same spot again and caught one. I think we're giving up on a few of those fish. There's two of them out there that we've spent at least an hour a piece trying to catch. I slept most of day sleeping. I think there may be live animals eating my intestines. Badgers perhaps? I am starting to feel a little better though.

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learningsquidese said...

Hey, Sweetie...you're sounding a little lonely and crappy...you're not there much longer, right?

Any English speakers yet?

I'm going to forward your blogsite to Kevin & Kelly, Mike, Kitty, and Allison...also sharing with a few friends, 'cause your adventures are just too terrific not to share!!

Have you seen any of my postings on the blogsite? I'm feeling quite proud that I've managed to send them (I think...?).

Any chance of an LA layover on your way home? If you'd like to spend a day here, we'd love it, and would even kick in for the extra air fare, if you need it to stop here...any chance?

When are you actually heading home...? Seems like it should be in about another week or so...?

Much love, support, and thanks for the fab photos and entertaining accompanying text...have you thought about travel writing???!!!