Saturday, May 14, 2011

Still in Nuku Hiva

We're still in Nuku Hiva. So far we've done a bit of hiking, rented a car to tour the island, met some really nice French people who live here, and, of course, worked on the boat a bit. We have a bunch of photos to sort through and post and we need to write a couple of proper blog entries. We are going to leave Taiohae Bay today and go to Controller Bay and the village of Taipivai (where Herman Melville stayed as detailed in his book 'Typee'). After a day or so there, we'll head around the east end of the island up to Anaho bay. We'll probably stay there for a few days and then head back here to Taiohae bay for some final provisioning before we head out to the Tuamotus. It's only about 500 nautical miles to the Tuamotus but it doesn't sound like we can really count on getting much in the way of provisions out there so we'll stock up here with enough stuff to make it to Tahiti if necessary. At any rate, we'll post more when we stop back here before heading off to the Tuamotus.

Oh yeah, Ryan and Alex on Shalimar are coming with us to Anaho bay and we're going to see if we can all agree on a route through the Tuamotus as well.


Unknown said...

Cool, looking forward to more words and pics!

James said...

Great to see you guys are doing well and finally getting some adventure and relaxation in after what sounded like an arduous crossing! Just isn't the same without you guys here in SB. Christine, One of your predecessors will be starting work with us here in a few days and then starting her phd in the fall. Did you work with Lindsay Marks at PISCO SC? Awesome tats, I like how yours curves around your ankle but looks like a painful spot, Jared's a superman, 20 hours that's crazy, plus those nights of rough seas! If you want a little side trip to Fiji Arin and I will have a house in Rakiraki for our honeymoon in July and you're welcome to stop by! -Clint