Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rough Plans

We may not be able to update again before we head off to the Tuamotus so here's the plan:

We are going to a different bay, just west of here, tomorrow for a big festival they are having to welcome some polynesians arriving on traditional sailing catamarans. After that, we will top off our water and food and head out on Monday or Tuesday. Not sure if we will have internet again before we leave, but our friends on Shalimar have a modem so we can email you from their email if need be to let you know it's time to start checking our position again.

Our rough Tuamotu iterneray is as follows:

4-5 day passage to Makemo atoll

2-4 days in Makemo

1 day passage to Katiu atoll

2? days in Katiu

1 day passage to Tahanea atoll

3-4 days in Tahanea

Overnight passage to Fakarava atoll

5-8 days in Fakarava (internet possible)

Possible stop in Toau, just north of Fakarava time permitting, then on to Tahiti by the end of June, beginning of July. We will be buddy boating with Shalimar. We will only be checking into the Pac Seafarers Net on the passages between here and Makemo and our last atoll (Fakarava or Toau) and Tahiti (the multi-day passages).

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Cactus Tree said...

Thanks for the report and pictures.
You guys are living the life!
I'm in La Cruz with the lower stays and spreaders off, pouring money into Cactus Tree.