Monday, July 31, 2006

There was some current today. It was kind of like diving in a river. We went to a dive site on the east side of the island. It was probably the prettiest site I've been to so far but it was kind of difficult. We trailered the boat over there and found that the wind was blowing pretty good. The lagoon was really choppy so it was a bumpy ride from the marina out to the site and we had a hell of a time getting the defective anchor to set in the sand.

There were quite a few fish at this site though. The first thing I noticed was dozens of large porcupine fish hovering over the coral. They were all facing the same direction and swimming into the current to hold their position. I didn't get to look at them long though becuase the next thing I noticed was that there were dozens of very large anemones in a deep channel with a coral wall on one side and a sandy slope on the other. We only caught four clown fish in two dives despite the fact that there had to be at least ten within the small area we saw. The current made it very difficult. We couldn't set anything on the bottom without wedging it into a crevice because the current would sweep it away. We had to swim hard to hold our position while trying to net the fish. It was kind of a pain but it was a great site and we took few minutes off from chasing clowns to take some photos. I also made some video clips with my camera but they're far too big to post here and I think I'm too lazy to figure out how to reduce the file size.

Anyway, I'm tired and I'm being attacked by mosquitos. Good night.

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