Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching up on photo posting.

We just arrived in Barra de Natividad in the Mexican state of Jalisco and we've finally found a good internet connection so I figure it's time to catch up on photo posting. We're going to be here for a few days while we make the final preparations to head off to the Marquesas.

The first set of photos is from awhile ago. It shows the mounting of the used wind vane steering system we bought from another boat in La Cruz. We got a great deal and the wind vane (named Jack by a previous owner after a crew member that died while on a passage from Hawaii to the mainland). This contraption will steer the boat for us without using any electricity. This set of photos also shows the buff and wax job that we paid for in La Cruz. The guys that did us showed us why it looked like crap when we did it ourselves. It turns out that the wax we had bought only really works on light colored paint even though it doesn't say anything about that on the label. Oh well, now we know.

The next set of photos is from the day that the tsunami hit us down here. Nobody wanted to be in a shallow marina or near shore when it hit so pretty much everyone down here took their boats out for the day. There were more boats out on the bay than I'd ever seen at one time. ...including boats that I'd never seen leave the marina at all. Though details were sketchy at the time, we were all aware that the quake and tsunami had been a horrible tragedy in Japan but down here it was an oddly festive event. We used the opportunity to take pictures of each other's boats under sail. It's actually difficult to get pictures of your boat under sail because, generally, when it's sailing you're on it so you've got to get other people to take the pictures. Anyway, we took pictures for our friends and they took some pictures for us.

The tsunami did cause a bit of damage down here but it wasn't too bad. The section of dock nearest the entrance of the La Cruz Marina did end up getting destroyed. The water level within the marina changed by around six feet over a period of minutes causing strong surges of water but, as far as we know, no boats were damaged in La Cruz. However, some of the channel marker buoys dragged their moorings and moved and sand piled up at the entrance.

The next set of pictures for today is from a little excursion we took during the one full day that we were in Tenacatita bay. It was a lovely bay and we both really wish we could have spent more time there. The trip we took was a dinghy ride up into a mangrove estuary river kind of deal. There was a ton of wildlife including some kind of badger monkey ant eater looking thing. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of it but it was freaky lookin'. It was about the size of a large dog. It had a kind of badger shaped head and a really long fuzzy monkey looking kind of tail. Anyway, here are the pictures. Sorry we couldn't photograph the badger monkey.

Remember in the last post how I promised more photos from leaving Banderas Bay? That's okay, I barely remember it either. Anyway, here are those photos. Don't forget, you can click on these slide shows and go look at larger versions of the photos.

Okay, that's all we've got time for now. We're itching to get underway for the Marquesas but we'll try to make at least one more post before we go.


Anonymous said...

Holas Jarrod,
I'm all alone in Tenacatita.
I can't find your card with mail address, I have some pictures to send. If you mail me I'll reply with said pictures.
Hope you are enjoying Barra. May come down tomorrow.
Doug "Cactus Tree".

Bret said...

Pictures didn't seem to link correctly this time. Hope your having a good time! Cheers ---Bret

Anonymous said...

The 'badger monkey' sounds like a coatimundi (coati for short) - a realtive of the racoon that's commonm in Central/South America.