Friday, March 25, 2011

Ready to go!

Architeuthis is ready. We are loaded to the gills with food, water, beer, booze, surfboards, spare parts, and other miscellaneous crap. We are sitting lower in the water than ever before and kind of wish that we'd painted a little higher with the antifouling paint. Anyway, we're really excited and looking forward to the passage and to the arrival in the Marquesas. We'll talk to you all once we get there!


Chad Burt said...

Good luck!!

Unknown said...

Stay Dry... Have Fun... Love You Lots

Bret said...

I expect to see some new tattoos on you two, only crazy hand done ones will do! Have a great trip, love you ---Bret

Unknown said...

Think of you often! Hope you're enjoying your dream! Be safe, have fun & good luck!
Aunt Nicole, Uncle Rich, Peter, Alan & Stefanie :-)