Thursday, March 17, 2011

Escape from La Cruz

We finally made it out of Bandaras Bay. We had a mostly awesome sail down from La Cruz to Chemala. I say mostly because the wind died for a while and left us flapping around uselessly. We're really trying to conserve fuel because we'll only be able to get fuel by going ashore in our dinghy (Squib) and bringing fuel out in cans between here and the Marquesas. There is a fuel dock a bit south of here but it's been out of order since a very large motor yacht tried to drive away without untying it's dock lines a few months ago. Anyway, we only have one more small project that needs completion before we leave Mexico. We just need to install a salt water faucet in the galley sink that will be powered by a small secondhand foot pump. This will let us rinse dishes without wasting fresh water or electricity. If all goes well, we should be underway for the Marquesas in a week or less (or more).

On the way down from La Cruz, it worked out that we were leaving at the same time and in the same direction as our friends Kevin and Evelyn on their Ingrid 38 Tuatara. Tuatara is of somewhat similar design (a traditional ketch) but has a longer waterline (due to her being 38 feet long as opposed to our 31 feet) so we figured that she would be slightly faster than Architeuthis. However, it turns out that we're faster. least in those conditions.

There's lots more to write and tons of photos to upload but we don't have time right now. For now, this posting and a couple of pictures will have to do.

IMG_3216 Architeuthis as photographed by our friend on Inga during the tsunami.

IMG_9053 Architeuthis preparing to pass Tuatara.

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