Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chud and the rest of the internet will be pleased to know that my gastric difficulties seem to have been resolved and we were able to make the trip to Papeete after all (I did bring an extra pair of shorts just in case). Papeete is hot and comparatively crowded after coming from Moorea. It actually kind of reminded me of a cross between Santa Cruz and Tijuana. The really odd thing was that there were a whole bunch of stores selling American brands of surf clothing. There was a giant o'niell store for instance. It was a bit dissapointing in that respect. I want exotic Tahitian crap, not the same crap I can get at home. There was some exotic Tahitian crap as well and we purchased some of it. I was also able to get the battery I needed for my dive computer which is good because it's unpleasant to go diving when you have no idea how deep you are or how long you've been there.

Someone approached me on the ferry ride back to moorea and tried to sell me pot. In a strange way, I was sort of happy that I apparently look someone who'd like to by pot from a stranger on a ferry. I guess I sometimes worry that I've become too respectable or something.

Tomorrow we'll be back in the water for at least one dive. Hopefully, we will mutilate some more clownfish and I'll get to take some more pictures underwater.

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