Thursday, July 27, 2006


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Today started out okay. This morning, Caroline and I went out to the site that I had been shown yesterday. The fish gave us some trouble. We were down for almost 90 minutes (at ten feet) and only clipped three fish. Nearly an hour of that was spent on one fish that refused to be caught. Caroline had to be back at the lab by noon so that's all we were able to do.

Then I drove over to Gump for the second half of the coral class. That was really interesting but I had a hard time absorbing everything. He was talking about differences among various genera and species while I'm still confused about how to sort out the various orders. Oh well, I took notes that I can look at and being exposed to all that information even if overwhelming, will help later on when I go back to study that stuff more.

So I left Gump feeling like a fairly intelligent person that sits around and learns stuff from brilliant professors at a biological research station. Then I got back to Criobe and cleanly disproved my delusions of adequacy. I put the frickin' car in a ditch. I was preparing to back the thing into the garage and completely forgot there was a ditch right next to the garage. Fortunately, I wasn't going very fast and put the car into the ditch fairly gently. I had to get help to get it out. We had to use the truck. The fuel line was damaged but that was about it. ...actually one other thing was damaged; my pride. Actually that was totalled. I feel like a complete ass. The only thing that cheered me up was when Donatien told me that another American put the truck in a ditch about a week before I got here. Maybe it's a flaw in my national character.

I'm sure I'll get over it at some point but I expect to spend at least a couple of days feeling totally incompetent. Oh well... adventure.

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