Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today did not rank particularly high on my scale of favorite days on this island. The day started with helping to clean out an attic with five other people. I'm glad to help but it's very confusing when all five of those people are speaking a language you can't understand. I was given occasional instructions in english but I spent a great deal of time stand there being confused.

Actually, "standing there" would have been a vast improvement. Actually I was hunched over the whole time because the highest point of the ceiling was about 5'5" above the floor. The fact that it was hot as the devil's balls up there and twice as humid didn't help the situation either.

We then drove the car to a distant dive site to look for clown fish. After being attacked by mosquitos we got in the water and discovered two things. First there were urchins all over the place. These urchins were the kind with really long sharp spines too. The second thing we discovered was that the current was running really hard. It was very difficult to make any headway against it. It was also very shallow (okay, so I guess that's three things). At any rate, it made for some rather difficult snorkeling (we left our tanks on the bottom while we scouted the area for clownfish). I was swimming around in less than three feet of water between coral heads with sharp spines sticking out of every possible place and not finding any clownfish at all. We ended up finding several anenomes but none of the fish we were after. On the upside, the water was very clear and there were a ton of other types of fish.

After we gave up and got out of the water, I got the opportunity to witness an authentic drunken polynesian fist fight when some drinking on the beach went bad. That was entertaining. Oh yeah... on the way out to the dive site we were almost killed in the car. Someone coming the opposite direction was making a pass around a blind corner. Rather than hitting the brakes and getting back behind the car they were passing, they just kept coming. Jeremie locked up the brakes in our truck and we narrowly avoided the car.

O-kay, I'm done complaining now. Tomorrow we'll be trying to do some more diving. Apparently there's a south swell that may interfere with our plans to go to the south side of the island but I think we'll find somewhere to get in the water. No pictures today. Sorry.

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