Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nothing terribly exciting happened today. The wind was blowing 15 or 20 knots but we managed to get out and clip the last remaining nemo at the site we've been working on. We were really careful with our anchor. I got a bunch of pretty good photos. So you should go and check them out.

Also, you should post comments here (or on flickr). I know people have been looking at this crap because they've been emailing me but, for some reason, I want to see comments. I've set it up now so you shouldn't have to sign up for anything to do it. It's not that hard and it makes a poor lonely fish mutilator happy.

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jkibele said...

Oh no, they are not fond of being picked up. We have to catch them in nets first. Sometimes that works pretty easily and sometimes it is very difficult. That particular fish had been in the net for a while before I got him out and held him in front of the camera. I was just about to release him. I think he stayed in my hand because I pinned down his pectoral fins with my fingers. I tried the same thing with another fish today and he wiggled out before I could get picture.

I'll have some more pictures of how we catch the fish soon.