Monday, July 24, 2006

There was no diving today. We had planned to go to the outer reef but it was very windy. That means it would be very choppy out there and our little boat has no built in floatation. In other words, if it fills with water it sinks. The lovely thing is that the scuppers are plugged with tennis balls. If we fail to notice when those come out, as they sometimes do, the boat stands a pretty good chance of sinking. That's o-kay though. It's adventure.

So today we went to fill our drinking water supply from the supposedly pure spring up in the hills. Actually, it's a faucet by the side of the road but it alegedly comes from a spring. I'm a little suspicious of the whole thing because despite being careful to avoid drinking tap water, I've started to have some... uh... gastric discomfort. I just thought I should announce that to the internet.

After filling the water jugs we went up to an overlook area where you can see both of the island's bays. I took some pictures. If you've been paying attention to previous entries, you'll know where you can see them. In the afternoon I went on a long ride on a small bike. It was uncomfortable but worthwhile.

I think I'm sick of typing right now.

PS - I think this thing is set up so that you don't have to sign up to leave a comment so go ahead and tell me something.

...Alright. I was just about to stop typing but an epic battle between mammals and arthropods just happened on the lawn outside. We have crabs here. We have freaky crabs that live in holes in the ground and get pretty big. During the day they scuttle around in their little crab holes but they come out at night. The dog and cat confronted a crab out on the lawn and I went to take some pictures. Here's my favorite:


Anonymous said...

thank you for informing us of your gastric discomfort.

the internet.

jkibele said...

No problem. That's what I'm here for.

jkibele said...

Funny you should mention bennie weenies. I had actually had van de camps Pork 'n Beans just before the onset of gastric discomfort and... uh... I think I'm just going to stop right there.

Anonymous said...

please don't stop there. i'm starting a blog for your gastric adventures and i need to know what happens next.


jkibele said...

I will drop a zip lock baggie in the mail for you Chud. My description would not suffice.